Hello Hello...

I am a Product Designer with a background in biology, photography, and education.

My journey as a designer started when doing my Masters in Biological Photography, and Imaging where I learned Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. I became interested in learning more about the field and decided to switch careers and become a Product Designer.

My experience as a Product Designer began when I started working as a part-time contractor at MAGA Design, a design agency. This experience gave me the ability to work on a variety of projects simultaneously, which meant I got lots of exposure in a short period. 
I was then brought on as a full-time contractor; first at EverString and then at LeadGenius (both marketing startups). I learned the importance of marketing not only as part of a business but as a product. I worked on different design projects building wireframes and prototypes as well as updating the visual design language. 
I more recently worked at Remedly, a healthcare startup, where I redesigned both the product user experience and interface. 
Having been a contractor for various companies has allowed me to understand the industry and explore what I want in a permanent job.

What I am looking to do next is to be in a company where design is valued, where there is a chance to learn and grow, and where there is a long-term strategy and vision that I can contribute to on the design front.