Humans & Nature: A Galapagos Review (Book)

I wrote and designed a book for my MS' in Biological Photography and Imaging final project. The book contains 50 pictures that support the data gathered during the four weeks I spent in three of the islands (San Cristobal, Santa Cruz and Isabela). It is about the interaction of humans with nature, demonstrated through the specific case study of the Galapagos Islands.

The location picked is of special significance since the situation of these islands is quite particular in terms of biodiversity. Because of the distinctive formation of the Galapagos and their remote location, life there has developed in a unique manner. Species from different origins settled in the Galapagos and evolved to adapt to the new conditions. This is precisely where Darwin developed his theory of evolution, which is one of the foundations in the field of biology. 

The Galapagos are considered a "living museum and a showcase of evolution". With this book, my goal was to represent the treasure of biodiversity, to highlight the importance of nature for humanity and our responsibility to protect it. 


Visible Magazine

I wrote and designed a magazine that contains 5 different articles:

  1. Animals in Captivity: Racehorses
  2. Landscapes: Water and City Life
  3. Urban Wildlife: Turtles in Madrid
  4. Birds: Carmel by the Sea
  5. Small Worlds: In Vitro Fertilisation


Scientific Poster

I wrote and designed a scientific poster about curry: main ingredients, curry in Britain and expansion around the world. I used conducted research and my pictures to create a simple and clean layout.